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Let Every Customer Engage You Instantly

Riptide® is how essential services providers respond to customers.


“Riptide saves so much time, keeps me off the phone and lets me get more work done.”

Mike Salvato, Owner, Bud's Auto Repair, San Bruno, CA

With Riptide, let customers reach you anytime they need you.

In the Home

Riptide is perfect for delivery and installation as well as in-home remedies and repairs. Whether you’re booking all your own business, or you contract with a large retailer for delivery and installation jobs, get in touch with text. With Riptide, it's easy to communicate effectively with customers and ensure seamless service delivery.

On the Road

For emergency roadside assistance providers, Riptide makes it easy to connect with customers directly, with no middleman. Answer common questions like when you'll arrive, where you'll meet, and what to do if something changes, all by way of convenient texts. Riptide keeps customers happy and improves customer satisfaction scores.

In the Shop

For auto repair shops, Riptide connects essential service providers with customers via text. Answer customer questions, send photos, and confirm service details, all in the format your customers prefer - text messages.
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Engage Every Customer

With Riptide, customers use text. You get an automated, easy-to-use app for mobile or desktop.
  • Receive incoming referrals
  • Respond automatically by text
  • React to customer needs



Connect with up to 500 customers


  • Easy for everyone - your team will be using Riptide in minutes
  • Customers, not messages - talk as much as you need to, pay by the customer
  • Full engagement - automation, messaging, integration, reporting - everything you need to stay fully engaged

Engage Every Customer for Just 25 Cents

Customers that engage are customers that stay.

  • Improve loyalty - increase profits
  • Save time - 10x faster than calling
  • Save money - avoid rework