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Rescue your customers from

Connect Customers and Providers in Critical Moments

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With Riptide, brands loop in their service providers to communicate with and help customers.
Help drivers who need repairs connect with roadside service, body shops, and mechanics
Help homeowners who are buying, building, or fixing connect with agents, architects, designers, and contractors
Help policyholders who are shopping, qualifying, or claiming connect with agents, underwriters, and adjusters
Help customers who are ordering, receiving, or returning connect with merchants, customer service, and delivery drivers
Help residents who need municipal services connect with trash pickup, police, and other public works
Help retail customers who are borrowing or servicing connect with third-party loan providers

Connect Customers and Providers with Conversations

  • Throw your customers a
    conversational lifeline
  • Reach every customer instantly with text messages sent straight to their phone
  • Team up with your providers to rescue your customer
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Make 3-Way Conversations Easy

  • Empower your team to coordinate three-way conversations in a snap
  • Engage any service provider with just a text
  • Start saving customers today
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Connect Millions of Customers to Your Service Network

  • Automate to scale to your needs
  • Integrate Riptide with your CRM
  • Rescue millions of customers without lifting a finger
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See What’s Happening with Every Customer

  • Uncover data you’ve never seen on customers, products, and providers
  • Understand the customer experience with conversational analytics
  • Improve everything, from customer satisfaction to operations
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Riptide Helps You Create Customers for Life

Increase customer satisfaction
  • Be there for your customers, with your providers, when customers most need help.
  • Build customer loyalty with each rescue.
Streamline service delivery
  • Standardize engagements across your service network.
  • Eliminate friction to respond faster.
  • Avoid wasted effort. Save hours every day.
Deepen customer engagement
  • Respond to customer issues in real-time.
  • Understand and improve how your customers experience your provider network.
  • Mine conversations to improve your products and services.

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