Stay Close to Your Customers

Riptide instantly connects businesses and customers using SMS and Facebook Messenger
Riptide is in limited preview release.

Riptide is customer communication for the mobile age

Fast, easy, and mobile — messaging is the best way to instantly reach your customers. Riptide keeps you connected and in step with all your conversations on your terms.
“Riptide saves so much time, keeps me off the phone and let's me get more work done.”

Mike Salvato
Owner, Bud's Auto Repair
San Bruno, CA

Riptide makes messaging for business easy

Streamline your communications.
SMS and Facebook Messenger

Reach your customers where they spend their time messaging — no app or email address needed for them to reach you.

Single Local Phone Number

Messages to your team flow into the Riptide app using a single local SMS number assigned to your business.

Send and Receive Pictures

Send and receive pictures to explain what you’re doing or to see what your customer sees.

Keep your customers satisfied and loyal

Bring in more business when you need it. Just ask.
Perfect Timing

Riptide figures out which of your customers are ready to return.

Automatic Outreach

When you need more business, Riptide sends those customers a check-up message.

Numbers Don't Lie

Customers love the outreach: 95% respond, 20% want help right now.

The homescreen for your business

Everything you need at your fingertips to run a successful business
“I'm going full speed all day long and need to know if any clients are running late or need to reschedule. Riptide separates my personal messages and business messages and makes it easy to stay on track.”

Miche Hoffer
Michrofit Personal Training
Mountain View, CA


Plug customers and suppliers into your business

Your business runs faster with Riptide.

Reach suppliers for answers, orders, delivery, and payment.


Send estimates for approval with a message to your customer.


Get paid securely and remotely by credit card or ACH.

Customer Data

Capture product, project, or service data for each customer.

The best way to manage your business-to-customer communications

A single point of communication for your team to your customers
Riptide is in limited preview release.