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How It Works

Connect the right people at the right time by text

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Connect Your Brand's Major Players by Text
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Easy, Seamless Text Messaging for the Multiplayer Economy

Riptide's app connects all of a brand's major players using simple text messaging, everyone's universal app of choice.

Easy, Seamless Text Messaging for the Multiplayer Economy
Use Riptide to reach every customer, provider, or agent, every time, by text.
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Connect your major players and collaborate with customers in multiparty conversations.
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Brands stay looped in to oversee the conversations.

The Problem: Communication Today is Unreliable & Invisible

The economy is a massive multiplayer game, yet many brands communicate as if they are stuck in single-player mode. This leads to a frustrating experience for all of your major players.

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The Solution: Engage Everyone with Text -the Universal Messaging App

Riptide lets brands connect to critical parties at scale and securely, all with the ability to oversee the conversations.

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Multiparty Text Conversations for Marketplaces

Convert leads faster and expand your marketplace with Riptide.

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Communicate instantly with text conversations your brand can oversee
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No need for an underutilized proprietary app
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Eliminate friction between customers and providers

Respond faster. Win more business.

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Call Center Communication Made Easy

Savvy brands have used Riptide for more than 4 million multiparty conversations.

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Frictionless Conversations for Field Service Providers

Connect customers and field service providers by text, with the ability to oversee the entire customer experience.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer frustration
  • Simplify service delivery
  • Improve business agility
  • Deepen customer engagement
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The Riptide experience is simple and seamless for all parties thanks to ConversationLink™.

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Send your providers a ConversationLink™. Nothing to download or install!
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Provider receives link as an SMS message and interacts with the customer via text right from their phone.
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Brands oversee the entire customer experience as your provider delivers the service.