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Riptide Provider Communications Policy

Last Updated: October 22, 2021

A client of Riptide (“Client”) may use products or services (the “Riptide Services”) provided by M3G Technology, Inc., a corporation doing business as Riptide  (“Riptide”, “we”, “our” or “us”),  including  without limitation via our Client’s websites or platforms, to communicate via SMS/MMS text messages with Client’s customers or potential customers (“End-Customers”) about services requested from Client by the End-Customer (the “Requested Services”). Client may also invite a person or entity (‘Provider”) to use the Riptide Services in connection with providing a Requested Service to an End-Customer. This Provider Communications Policy (the “Policy”) sets out rules that, in addition to the rules in our Acceptable Use Policy, apply to Providers using any Riptide Services. 

Client is responsible for its Providers’ compliance with this Policy and the Acceptable Use Policy. We may suspend, terminate or take other interim action regarding Client’s and/or any of its Providers’ or End-Customers’ use of the Riptide Services, if, in our sole judgment, we believe any of Client’s Providers, directly or indirectly, violates this Policy or the Acceptable Use Policy or authorizes or helps others to do so.

We may modify this Policy from time to time by posting a revised version on our website, By using the Riptide Services, Provider agrees to the latest version of this Policy which supersedes all prior versions. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Policy have the meaning set forth in the Riptide Terms of Service.

Provider agrees to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and to the following:

  • Client may use the Riptide Services to send messages, including SMS text messages, to Provider and Provider’s employees, contractors, and affiliates who are designated or invited (“Provider Representatives”) by the Provider to participate in conversations with Client or End-Customers;

  • Client may use the Riptide Services to initiate conversations between the Provider (and Provider Representatives) and Client’s End-Customers for the purpose of facilitating the provision of Requested Services to the End-Customer;

  • Client may access data about the conversations relating to the Requested Services (including message content) (the “Service Network Data”) between End-Customers and Provider (and Provider Representatives), and Client may use the Riptide Services to view and download Service Network Data; 

  • Client may use the Riptide Services to monitor and participate in conversations initiated by Client between Provider (and Provider Representatives) and End-Customers;

  • Client is responsible for responding to End-Customer requests for data access, review, and deletion from the Riptide Services; and 

  • Provider’s (and Provider Representatives’) use of End-Customer personal data provided through the Riptide Services will be limited to uses necessary to provide the Requested Services.