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Our Story

Ever wait for service that never showed up or have to let the delivery person know you wouldn’t be home? Ever wish you could just talk with everyone involved right now to make it right? Riptide solves that. 

Riptide provides instant resolution of service and delivery challenges to help brands scale and reduce cost while improving satisfaction and building trust with their end-customers.

Our patent-pending 3-way text messaging gets customers, drivers or field technicians, and dispatchers in on the conversation at the same time

Riptide combines text with teamwork and transparency. Now, your dispatchers and drivers or service technicians work as a team to resolve 100% of issues in minutes instead of hours. Dispatch can see every interaction as it happens, engaging when needed, looping in merchants as necessary, and building the voice of the customer data to understand and improve satisfaction.

Support queues evaporate and each dispatcher has the power of ten. Customers aren’t left frustrated and waiting for answers because everyone who needs to be in on the conversation is there. Service failures are reduced, satisfaction soars, churn goes to zero, and trust, the foundation of loyalty, is restored.

Our mission is to improve trust in the services we all rely on. Over 6 million conversations have resolved issues, delivered service, and built trust on Riptide’s patent-pending multi-party text messaging platform. 

Riptide was founded in the crucible of emergency roadside service in San Francisco and is backed by leading angel and venture investors, including NFX, I2BF, Evolution VC and K5 Global.

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Meet Our Team

Doug M - Circle

Doug Marinaro
Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick B - Circle

Patrick Banta
Co-Founder & President

Avi S - Circle

Avi singh
Co-Founder & CTO

Richard L - Circle

Richard Ling
Board Member

Keith W - Circle

Keith Williams

Rob B - Circle

Rob Bates
Roadside Service

Bob B - Circle

Bob Burk
Delivery & Logistics

James J - Circle

James Joffe

Clawy W -Circle

Clay Wheeler
Machine Learning

John M - Circle

Jonathan Marinaro

Megan S - Circle

Megan Hultquist

Mitchell W - Circle

Mitchell Williams

Jelena M - Circle

Jelena Miladinovic

Pavel D - Circle-1

Pavel Dobronosov

Max P - Circle

Max Pishchansky

Angela J - Circle

Angela Ji
Web Design


Our Investors