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June 14, 2023 | Riptide HQ | Featured

Riptide Introduces Delivery Copilot


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Riptide, the platform for perfecting service, logistics, and last-mile delivery, unveiled its Delivery Copilot today. This new app-less and AI-driven assistant empowers retailers and last-mile delivery services to offer an exceptional ‘white glove’ experience to each and every customer on each and every delivery.

98% of consumers confirmed that shipping impacts brand loyalty, and 84% reported that they are unlikely to return after just one negative experience, according to Project44 research. Consumers are giving retailers a mandate to stop punting delivery failures over to customer support for reattempts and refunds.

Riptide gives retailers and delivery providers the power to resolve issues in real-time, improving customer loyalty and reducing operational costs. Delivery Copilot brings together all the parties in a delivery - customer, driver, dispatcher, shipper, warehouse, and others - in a single conversation over SMS text and then orchestrates the conversations at scale, harnessing the power of generative AI to act as a conversation catalyst, knowing when to respond, who should respond and how to respond as unforeseen situations arise during the course of the delivery.

Riptide’s patent-pending breakthrough leverages the ability of large language models, like OpenAI’s GPT-4, to understand the full range of human scenarios, and, when engineered and tuned with data from Riptide’s 6+ million delivery and service conversations, to perform as reliable, responsive, empathetic expediters.

Riptide will preview Delivery Copilot at Home Delivery World 2023 from June 14-15 at booth SU64.

“Retailers and delivery providers can now tap the power of ChatGPT to delight every customer every time at scale and put the fear of negative delivery experiences behind them,” said Doug Marinaro, Co-founder and CEO of Riptide. “We’re thrilled to introduce Delivery Copilot as the first application of generative AI as a conversation catalyst to bring people together to make delivery and service perfect.”

To learn more and sign up to beta test Riptide’s Delivery Copilot, please visit

About Riptide:

Riptide, the platform for perfecting service, logistics, and last-mile delivery, enables real-time resolution between customers, drivers, dispatchers, technicians, warehouses, and shippers. Our AI-powered, app-less multi-party messaging solution facilitates millions of conversations improving customer loyalty and reducing operational costs by connecting all parties when it matters most. Learn more about our mission and solutions at