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September 21, 2022 | Doug Marinaro | Featured

Riptide Unveils the First 3-way Text Messaging Platform for Last Mile Delivery Issue Resolution

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Drivers and dispatchers team up to help customers instantly, allowing Last-Mile Delivery services to scale profitably.

Riptide, the 3-way text messaging platform, announced a groundbreaking communication solution for last-mile, on-demand delivery services. For the first time ever, customers, drivers, and dispatchers can join in the same conversation to resolve issues instantly, replacing support tickets and enabling delivery services to scale profitably while improving satisfaction.

"Our resolution times went from 1 hour to less than 3 minutes, eliminating re-deliveries and refunds. Instead of complaints, now our clients give us referrals

dp- Gordan Harvey
CEO & Founder DawgPack Delivery


According to ParcelMonitor, 84% of consumers won’t make a second purchase from a brand after one poor delivery experience. Often, last-mile deliveries require follow-up and further coordination between the dispatcher, driver, and customer. Without follow-up and coordination, deliveries often go awry. Customers and drivers call in with questions, issues, or updates that can’t be addressed with a simple GPS follow-me map. Dispatchers try to work with both parties independently, calling and leaving messages. As a result, wait times for answers grow to hours, customers and drivers get frustrated, and dispatchers get overwhelmed. Adding more dispatchers is difficult and expensive.

“With Riptide, our drivers and dispatchers respond together to 100% of customer delivery issues. Our resolution times went from 1 hour to less than 3 minutes, eliminating re-deliveries and refunds. Instead of complaints, now our clients give us referrals,” said Gordon Harvey, CEO & founder of DawgPack Delivery, the on-demand delivery service of choice in Vancouver, Canada, for big and bulky deliveries for Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Reliance Home Comfort, Tru-Fit Fasteners and other leading retailers.

“If you have to create a ticket, it’s already too late,” says Doug Marinaro, CEO & founder of Riptide. “Riptide replaces reactive support tickets with proactive 3-way communication that invites everyone to participate in the delivery experience, asking questions or sharing critical information needed to ensure a successful delivery for customers, retailers, drivers, and dispatchers. Now, delivery services can scale without adding more dispatchers.”

Riptide’s patent-pending technology combines text with teamwork and transparency. Riptide integrates with popular dispatch, routing, and transportation management systems to automatically start conversations between dispatchers, drivers, and consumers over SMS text. Dispatchers can see every interaction as it happens, engaging when needed, looping in retailers as necessary, and building the voice-of-the-customer data to understand and improve satisfaction.

Discover How Riptide is Changing Last Mile

The only 3-way text messaging platform that brings last-mile delivery customers, drivers, and dispatchers together in the same conversation to resolve issues instantly.

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